SPHYNX ELF KITTEN CAT BREEDER: Lady Lovely Sphynx Elf Cattery Breeder Melanie Haineault, in Howick, Saint-Chrystome, Quebec, Canada

Did you purchase a sphynx kitten, elf kitten, elf sphynx, sphynx or elf adult cat from Lady Lovely Sphynx Elf Cattery Breeder Melanie Haineault from Quebec, Canada? Does your sphynx or elf kitten or hairless cat have good health, poor health, behavioral issues, or has a sweet, loving, affectionate personality, and good temperament?

Have you had a good or bad experience purchasing a sphynx or elf kitten or cat from Chatterie Lady Lovely Sphynx Elf Cattery breeder Melanie Haineault in Howick or Saint-Chrysostome, Quebec, Canada?

Did the sphynx or elf kitten or cat that you purchased from Ladylovely sphynx elf breeder Melanie Haineault, or any other sphynx breeder become sick, die prematurely, or currently has any kind of health issues? Was your TICA registered sphynx or experimental elf kitten or cat diagnosed with inherited genetic or hereditary issues like HCM or have physical deformities they were born with like hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia, luxating patellas / patellar luxation or other musculoskeletal system, spine or joint problems,feline arthritis, kidney disease or renal issues, heart murmurs, HCM or other cardiac problems, neurological issues, skin disorders, allergies,gastrointestinal issues, periodontal disease, or cancer to name a few? If so, did you contact your breeder Melanie Haineault about your sphynx or elf kitten's health issues, and how did she respond? Overall, was your transaction buying a sphynx or elf kitten or cat from LadyLovely Sphynx ELf Cattery and breeder Melanie Haineault a positive or negative experience? Would you buy another sphynx or elf kitten or cat from Lady Lovely Sphynx Elf Cattery? Would you recommend sphynx breeder Melanie Haineault of LadyLovely Sphynx Elf Cattery Chatterie to others interested in purchasing a hairless sphynx cat or elf kitten?

If you have a sphynx or experimental elf kitten from LadyLovely Sphynx Elf Cattery from sphynx breeder Melanie Haineaultwould you like to connect with other buyers of kittens from the same litter or other sphynx or elf litters from breeder Melanie Haineault? There are other buyers of sphynx and elf kittens and cats sold by Melanie Haineault, who are looking for you, and want to connect with their cat's siblings and relatives and compare health history and other relevant information.

Was the sale of the sphynx or elf kitten or cat from Melanie Haineault a show quality, pet quality or did you purchase it to breed? Did you enter your sphynx in any cat show competitions?

Did you buy an unaltered female or male sphynx or elf cat from Melanie Haineault to breed? Have you experienced any health issues in your litters or the line? Would you like to be in touch with other buyers of kittens from the same breeder to learn about them and the health of their sphynx or elf kittens and cats?

Sphynx Elf Kitten Cat Breeder Chatterie Lady Lovely Sphynx Elf Cattery is owned by Melanie Haineault. Your input and experience as a buyer of a sphynx kitten or elf kitten or cat from Melanie Haineault of Lady Lovely Sphynx Elf cattery is crucial for this breeder to be considered to be added to the database of good sphynx breeders and reputable sphynx catteries, or be excluded from it.

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Although many people have healthy sphynx cats, there are a significant amount of buyers who purchased a sphynx kitten, elf cat, dwelf, or bambino kittens or cats from sphynx and elf cat breeders catteries worldwide and encountered severe health problems with their kittens. Loving families found themselves in a sad situation with a sickly, fragile, unhealthy hairless kitten that required extensive veterinary care and costly treatments and medications. Even worse, soon after joining their new adoptive families and forever homes, many sphynx and elf kittens and cats died suddenly from FIP, HCM, or other unknown causes. Tragic stories like this are on the rise in the sphynx community.

In staggering numbers, veterinarians across the globe continue to diagnose more sphynx kittens, sphynx cats, elf kittens, elf cats, dwelf, and bambino cats with serious medical conditions and life-threatening diseases that can cause heart and kidney failure, and rapid deaths. More sphynx kittens, elf cats, dwelf, and bambino cat’s bones do not develop properly and have musculoskeletal deformities like hip dysplasia, luxating patellas or patellar luxation, or elbow dysplasia which detrimentally affects mobility, functioning, and the sphynx or elf cat’s quality of life. Treatment for feline hip dysplasia and patellar luxation in sphynx and elf cats requires expensive corrective orthopedic surgeries to restore full functioning and mobility without associated pain. Feline hip dysplasia and bilateral luxating patellas are inherited physical malformations in the sphynx, elf, dwelf, and bambino cats, and has a genetic component. Although hairless kittens can be born to parents with normal hips, usually when a sphynx or elf cat is diagnosed with hip dysplasia, at least one of the parents has hip dysplasia and passed it down to affected offspring. Bad sphynx and elf breeder catteries do not check the King and Queen’s hips and knees before breeding them. As a result of their negligence, tragically, a multitude of innocent sphynx and elf kittens are born with and develop physical malformations like hip dysplasia and luxating patellas and suffer due to inbreeding and unethical breeding practices of bad sphynx and elf catteries worldwide.

Hip dysplasia and luxating patellas may not be evident to the buyer upon the sphynx or elf kitten’s purchase. But, the painful condition becomes more pronounced as the sphynx and elf kittens have growth spurts and begin to have difficulty to move, jump, and play. Some sphynx and elf cats become more aggressive and bite or attack people, which can be confused with teething or acting out when the reason is because of pain. Unfortunately, hip dysplasia and patellar luxation leads to premature arthritis and osteoarthritis in young adult sphynx and elf cats.

Countless people have experienced tragic losses of a sphynx kitten, sphynx cat, elf kitten, elf cat, dwelf kittens, or bambino kittens they purchased from different sphynx and elf catteries worldwide, but their hairless cat passed away shortly after bringing their new kitten home. Other sphynx or elf kittens that survived were diagnosed by veterinarians during their first vet visit after purchase, as having serious health issues, life-threatening diseases, hip dysplasia, or other physical malformations that affected their quality of life, and could shorten their lives. Understandably, this is devastating news to someone who just added a new sphynx kitten to their family. Buyers were quick to contact their sphynx breeder to report the health problem and, as per the contract, requested to return the sick kitten to the breeder in exchange for a healthy one. To their surprise, their sphynx breeder was rude and acted like they didn’t care. Despite the health guarantee in the signed contract for the sale of the sphynx kittens, bad sphynx breeders do not honor it.

Bad sphynx breeders and elf catteries worldwide will argue that nothing was wrong with their kittens when they left their sphynx cattery, and will become defensive, argumentative, and will vehemently deny ever encountering any health problems before in any litters. These sphynx breeders will typically refuse to accept any medical evidence provided to them and will dispute the diagnoses or causes of deaths of their sphynx and elf kittens, which were confirmed by diagnostic tests and necropsies!  Bad sphynx breeders will use any tactic and excuses to try to escape liability, such as saying the buyer did not go to “their veterinarian” when oftentimes, the buyer and the sphynx breeder live in different countries or will say that the buyer did not get approval from them first before doing veterinary testing, when their permission is not required! They will accuse the buyer of breaching the contract first, when the breeders are in breach of contract by not providing a healthy sphynx kitten as stipulated in the sales contract and for not honoring the health guarantee of the contract and in accordance with the law. Even worse, some sphynx and elf breeders have the audacity to accuse the buyer’s veterinarians of lying and that the buyers are trying to scam them out of money! 

Sadly, this is typical behavior and similar script responses that people experience from bad sphynx breeders and elf catteries worldwide! They will say the veterinarian documents are inaccurate and not correct, which is slander and defamation! Not only do these horrible breeders treat former buyers like this, but they also seem to have no remorse nor show any emotions over the death or the sickly kittens they produced. To add insult to injury, these unprofessional sphynx breeders often threaten buyers with slander and lawsuits to try to silence them, and will proceed to ghost the heartbroken and duped buyers and block them from being able to contact their breeder again. Meanwhile, they continue with their unethical sphynx and elf breeding cattery business as usual. They show no regard for the grief-stricken families or for the welfare of the sickly kittens they sold or for the future sphynx and elf kittens whose lives will continue to be affected by their inbreeding and unethical breeding practices! Buyers continue to be scammed by sphynx breeders across the globe, whom they trusted, but were hoodwinked by them. If this happened to you, consult with a lawyer to learn your rights and what recourses you have. Send a legal demand letter to the breeder by registered mail. If they do not pay your demand, one way to seek justice is to sue them in small claims court which has minimal filing fee costs. When the court judgement is made in your favor, it will become public record. More people that go after the bad sphynx breeders in the legal system will have a profound impact and could prompt sphynx breeders to become more responsible, more professional, breed more ethically, and behave better. 

People spent a lot of hard-earned money for a healthy sphynx or elf cat, but instead received an unhealthy sphynx or elf kitten from their sphynx breeder, which is a breach of contract. In many of these cases, sphynx cat breeder catteries worldwide did not honor the health guarantee in their signed contract or their legal obligation under consumer protection laws. In hindsight, many people realize that the sphynx and elf kittens looked uncared for at the breeders, and some appeared malnourished and underweight when they received their sphynx or elf kitten.

Folks are heartbroken, devastated, and feel taken advantage of and frauded by a professional scammer disguised as a nice, caring sphynx breeder, who turns on them when confronted about a problem with the kitten. Buyers scammed by sphynx breeders are not isolated incidents, but sadly, are a common occurrence in today’s sphynx community worldwide!

Cheated buyers are often hesitant or afraid to speak out publicly about their horrible experiences with a sphynx breeder because anyone that tries to post online in other sphynx forums and social media groups about what happened to their sphynx, elf, dwelf, or bambino kitten cat, and do their duty to warn others about their sphynx breeder and elf cattery they dealt with, are often attacked online by sphynx breeders and their allies, who will defend them instead of supporting the victims!  It’s outrageous. Bad sphynx breeders will go to great lengths not to be exposed, and other sphynx breeders don’t want their sphynx cattery business to hurt because of them, so will gang up on the victims of bad sphynx breeders!

Sphynx catteries earn a lot of income selling hairless kittens. Sphynx breeders that breed hybrid outcrosses like the experimental elf, dwelf, and bambino, which are new breeds in development, sell them for sometimes double the price of a sphynx cat. Many do not do proper genetic or health testing, and kittens are being born with health issues. Back yard sphynx breeders (BYB),  sphynx kitten mill catteries, and bad sphynx breeders and elf catteries breed hairless cats for profit; with little or no regard for the sphynx breed standards, genetic diseases, hereditary problems, or the overall health and welfare of the sphynx and elf kittens and cats in their breeding programs, or what happens to the kittens they sell.  It’s all about money to them.

Sphynx and elf breeders’ livelihoods are at stake, and they don’t want the truth about their shady sphynx business to become public. They will go to great lengths to try to silence their victims. How do they expect scammed buyers to go away silently, without any type of repercussion or compensation for what happened to them and their beloved sphynx or elf kittens and cats?

Understand that it is not slander to state the truth! You are legally allowed to publicly share factual details about your experience without fear of retaliation or consequences.

How a sphynx and elf breeder acts and responds when a buyer reports a health problem with one of their sold kittens is very telling about whether they are a decent person and an ethical breeder or not. Sphynx breeders should be more ethical in their breeding program, take necessary measures, and do proper genetic and health tests to avoid producing sphynx and elf kittens born with inherited genetic problems. It is absolutely unacceptable for bad sphynx breeders to behave in unprofessional ways, and give buyers a hard time when they are notified about a sick sphynx kitten or elf cat, or deceptively accuse the buyer of breaching something in the contract (when the breeder is the one guilty of that), to avoid holding up their legal and contractual responsibility.

Back yard sphynx breeders and bad sphynx breeders and elf catteries do not want the truth about their inbreeding and that their sphynx cattery produces sick and unhealthy sphynx, elf, bambino, or dwelf kittens to be known. Unprofessional sphynx breeders definitely do not want their bad conduct and unethical sphynx breeding practices to become public knowledge. It is your duty and right to speak the truth and not be silent about your bad experience with a sphynx breeder and elf cattery, or else it enables them to continue to do that they do.


You are allowed free speech. If you state facts about what happened to you through a purchase of a sphynx kitten or cat from a sphynx breeder, have documentation to back up your claims, have veterinary records and test results, and can verify everything you state, then don’t be afraid to speak your truth. It is not slander or libel to disclose your true experience of what factually happened to you and your sphynx kitten. Your story matters; your sphynx kitten’s life matters, and you are doing the right thing to share your story and expose the bad sphynx breeder about what genuinely happened to your sphynx kitten or elf kitten or cat, bambino kitten, or dwelf. By speaking up, you could help to save other sphynx and elf kittens’ lives and educate other people who are looking to buy a hairless kitten, and you just might spare them from suffering a similar heartache that you went through or are going through now. Bringing awareness and holding the bad sphynx breeders accountable is the only way that will bring about change for the betterment of the sphynx breed.

Report the sphynx breeder to the appropriate agencies, consumer protection groups, animal advocacy groups, government and animal control, anti-fraud center in your country. Report a scam to the local authorities, anti-fraud center in your country, and file a complaint with the FTC (USA).

If your sphynx kitten, elf kitten, bambino kitten, dwelf or bambino cat died from HCM, kidney disease, FIP, or was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, luxating patellas or patellar luxation, or any other orthopedic problems that requires expensive surgeries to correct an issue your cat was born with, or your hairless cat has any other disease or diagnosis, we want to hear from you. No matter what health issue your sphynx cat or elf cat has, or circumstance is not too trivial. This is a safe place for you to share your bad experience with a sphynx breeder cattery and disclose the health issues your sphynx or elf cat has. You can tell your story in strict confidence and private, or with your permission, if you choose to warn others about your beloved sphynx or elf kitten’s tragic story, we will help you to do that without fear of being bullied, harassed, or ganged up on by other sphynx breeders, who like to attack buyers who spoke out, and some tend to defend the BYB (which is common in other groups online) and can be downright vicious to the victims who were scammed by a sphynx breeder and left heartbroken after the death of their sphynx kitten or elf kitten, dwelf, or bambino cat, and are in debt over veterinary expenses due to bad inbreeding or other reasons, and their sphynx breeder did not exhibit professional behavior or offered any support or help to them!


Too many people have experienced a tragic loss of a sphynx or elf kitten, dwelf or bambino cat they purchased, and are devastated, heartbroken, and try to share their horrible tragedy online to warn others about their bad sphynx breeder and cattery their kitten came from. However, to their shock and dismay, instead of receiving support and compassion, encountered vicious attacks and meanness from others in groups online, essentially kicking that person while they are down. This is absolutely unacceptable, and such conduct is forbidden here. We are profoundly sorry for the loss of anyone’s beloved hairless cat and the horrible experience you went through with an unhealthy sphynx or elf cat, and are sorry you encountered such hatred online. It appears as if certain social media and online groups cater to and protect breeders and bash the buyers who clearly got a raw deal and wound up with a sick sphynx or elf kitten or cat that had congenital or hereditary issues and found themselves in a situation being a caregiver to a sick sphynx or had to say goodbye to one or suffered the tragedy of a sudden and painful death of the sphynx or elf kitten they loved so deeply or are dealing with a special needs cat due to what will be lifelong health issues and care. They are grieving and forever scarred by this experience, and most are out a lot of money, and their bad sphynx breeder cattery quickly turned their back on them.

Shame on every sphynx breeder that has behaved this way, and treated a buyer and customer in such despicable ways.

You may have had a bad experience with a good sphynx breeder and cattery. Share how your sphynx breeder positively handled the situation with your kitten. It will help to add to the database of good sphynx breeders.

Just because one person has a bad experience with a sphynx breeder or elf breeder does not automatically make it a bad cattery. BUT what makes a bad sphynx and elf breeder cattery worldwide is how the sphynx breeder handles a situation with a sick kitten,  and what they do with the evidence given to them to back up the diagnosis. Does the sphynx breeder show compassion and concern, work with the buyer to offer a refund, rebate, share in veterinary costs, contact other buyers of sphynx and elf kittens from the same litter and parents to find out if they noticed any health issues, and to advise them what to be on the lookout for? Does the sphynx breeder automatically remove the sire and dam of affected kittens from their breeding program and spay and neuter them and retire them from breeding, or do they continue to breed them knowing full well the consequences of those choices and that more innocent sphynx kittens will be born destined to have health issues and short lives?

Not all sphynx breeders are bad, and health issues will occur even to the reputable sphynx breeder’s kittens, just not as frequently though. Sometimes the sphynx breeder is decent and wants to work with the buyer to reach an acceptable solution in their favor, but the buyer is disgruntled and is uncooperative, and not satisfied with any of the breeder’s reasonable proposals. There are good and bad cases both ways about breeder and buyers.

There are many reputable sphynx breeder catteries worldwide who take great pride and care in strengthening the sphynx cat breed and do not exhibit bad behavior should problems arise with their sold kittens.

If you have had a great experience with sphynx breeders and have healthy hairless cats and wish to nominate a reputable sphynx breeder who does proper testings on the sire and dam, has a good contract and solid health guarantee, invests a lot into the breed and stays in contact with the buyers, and handles any problems with kittens professionally and ethically, please share your positive experience with us and nominate them to be in a good sphynx breeder database. If you have a bad experience with a sphynx breeder you can also nominate them to be excluded from it. 

Contact us privately and confidentially through the contact form at the bottom of this page, through the live chat in the bottom right corner of this page or by e-mail: sphnxelfcatsbreeders@gmail.com


Sphynx and Experimental Elf Breed Specific Health Known issues:

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a form of heart disease
  • Congenital myasthenic syndrome (CMS) 
  • Hereditary myopathy, a neurological disease which affects muscle function 
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Peridontal disease
  • Hip Dysplasia 
  • Luxating Patellas / Patellar luxation
  • Skin conditions such as urticaria pigmentosa and cutaneous mastocytosis
  • Digestive problems and gastrointestinal upset
  • Respiratory issues in kitten
Bad Breeding Health Issues/Genetic Hereditary Inherited problems of Sphynx and Experimental Elf

Sphynx and elf kittens and cats suffer from inherited disorders like other animals, but particular health issues are showing up in some lines and tend to be more common due to in-breeding. Inbred pedigree sphynx cats suffer from life-threatening illnesses and diseases:

Hip dysplasia
Elbow dysplasia
Luxating Patellas / Patellar luxation
Joint problems
Kidney disease
Adenocarcinoma and other cancers
HCM and other cardiac issues

The Experimental Elf cat is being breed for its folded back elf-like ears. Another breed, the Scotttish fold cat, is prized for its genetic defect that causes the animal’s ears to bend forward, but it also causes cartilage and joint problems elsewhere in the body.

Cats bred with certain physical characteristics, such as flat faces and small legs, are at increased risk of getting cancer, kidney disease or joint problems.


Sphynx, experimental elf, bambino and dwelf cat breeders need to use ethical breeding practices and eliminate deformities that cause suffering to the innocent kittens being born that later develop issues, and the unsuspecting humans who buy them and end up with huge veterinary bills, and broken hearts.

All sphynx and elf cat's lives matter!


Hello! I am an elf kitten registered with Tica as an Experimental elf breed, which is a hybrid breed in progress.  When I was three months old, I moved to my forever home and everything seemed fine for a while, but as I grew bigger, there were signs that something was wrong. I was not developing properly and started to walk strange. I had difficulty to move around and jump. My new human family took me to the veterinarian and x-rays confirmed a diagnosis of severe hip dysplasia!  Feline hip dysplasia is genetically inherited. Hip dysplasia is degenerative, which means it progressively get worse and will lead to painful osteoarthritis. I am a kitten, but already in pain, on medications for inflammation and pain, and need expensive surgeries to restore normal anatomy to give me proper functioning and to reduce pain. If only my breeder had tested my parent cats. My human family is very sad and worried about me. I don’t want to die.

Before you bring home a sphynx, elf, dwelf, or bambino kitten, please ask the breeder to see all veterinary records and evidence that the sire and dam had their hips checked, their DNA was tested for 38 markers, and are current with their heart scans. Always have your new kitten checked by your veterinarian too,  and get their hips, elbows, knees, and spine checked too. Your sphynx kitten’s health warranty in the contract should be guaranteed for 24 months (2 years) because not everything shows up right away in the first year of their life. Likewise, you should not buy a kitten from a breeder whose sire and dam is under two years old, for these same reasons.

I bought a 14- week old sphynx kitten from a breeder in New York, but when my vet examined her, she had a level 2-3 heart murmur and needs a scan for HCM. We contacted the breeder right away, who would not accept the diagnosis and refused to take the kitten back as per the health guarantee in the contract and won’t return my calls or e-mails! HCM or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is usually inherited. Once in congestive heart failure, most kittens and cats with HCM have a life expectancy of only six months - 18 months! We are devastated.

Jessica Foster, New York, USA

Before you buy a sphynx, elf, dwelf, or bambino kitten or cat, research and choose your breeder carefully. Inspect the cattery in person, check the health records of the sire of dam, and their ages. Breeders should only breed sphynx cats that are over two years old and had their DNA tested for 38 genetic issues, including FeLV, HCM, and had their hips, knees, and elbows examined and x-rayed, along with yearly heart scans. Do not sign a contract without at least a 2-year health warranty on your kitten, as many issues don't show up right away, and it can take that long for problems to develop. Always have your new sphynx or elf kitten examined thoroughly by a veterinarian. Get all health records and registration for your kitten from the breeder, and examine the health records of the sire and dam.

Mike Ross, Veterinarian

I bought a 3-month old TICA registered experimental elf kitten from a breeder in Quebec. She became very lethargic, sneezed a lot, and had difficulty to breathe. The breeder dismissed it as the change to a new home and said it would go away in a few days! It did not. We spent thousands of dollars on vet visits, diagnostic testing, medications, and my elf kitten is not improving and still very sick with all upper respiratory issues. We still don't know the cause and it's very worrisome. It might be fatal FIP. We have tried unsuccessfully to get support from the sphynx breeder to exchange the kitten for a healthy one, but the breeder has ignored our request, is in breach of contract and has blocked us so we couldn’t communicate with her any more! She even changed her phone number twice! Buyers beware of backyard breeders! I sue the breeder in court and won!

Claudine Cullen, Quebec, Canada

Do you have a sphynx or elf kitten or cat with health issues?