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Elf kittens and elf cats are a new experimental hybrid outcrossing of the sphynx cat and the American curl to create a hairless cat with curled ears that resembles an elf. Outcrossing refers to breeding sphynx with cats that are not the same breed as the sphynx. Sphynx cat breeders and elf cat catteries in Canada, USA and Europe advertise elf kittens and elf cats for sale as TICA registered, but most breeders do not tell buyers that it is not a true registration. TICA do not approve of or acknowledge the elf cat as it is a hybrid outcross breed that is still in development and is only in the experimental phase. Sphynx breeders and elf cat catteries can only register elf litters in TICA’s “experimental litter registry.”  Elf cat’s TICA’s registration papers will be an “experimental record” only and will list the breed as “experimental elf” and that TICA does not approve of or acknowledge the experimental elf breed or name and “not eligible for show competitions!” The same applies for the experimental dwelf and experimental bambino cats. If a sphynx cat breeder or elf cattery has an elf cat for sale, it is an experimental elf that is only pet quality.

If a sphynx breeder or elf cat cattery claims that the elf is a strong, healthy breed, this is not true because it is a new hybrid experimental breed in development and this has not been proven yet.

Currently, TICA (USA) and CFA (CANADA) only allow three breeds of cats for permissible outcrossing with the Sphynx; the Devon Rex, American ShortHair, and Domestic Short Hair. The American Curl is not a permissible outcrossing with the sphynx, although breeders disregard this and continue with their experimental elf breeding programs. Since the elf cat is the newest fad due to it’s rarity and unique hairless appearance with elf-like curled ears making them in demand, sphynx breeders and elf catteries can charge double the price for an elf than a sphynx cat, so more sphynx breeders are turning to breeding elf hybrid outcrosses strictly for more profit, rather than to strengthen the sphynx breed. As a result, more sphynx and elf kittens are born with hereditary diseases, develop HCM, physical malformations, and other serious health problems.

Most reputable sphynx breeders and felinologists agree that outcrossing different breeds with the sphynx to produce elf, bambino, and dwelf cats creates a high probability of genetic diseases from the additional mutations. Many people and ethical sphynx breeders believe it is downright cruel to experiment with these hybrid breeds and that it should not be allowed.

Some bad sphynx breeders knowingly sell elf kittens and elf cats with health issues. Tragically, some elf kittens don’t survive for long. Buyers believed they purchased a TICA registered healthy elf kitten, but were swindled and out a lot of money, not only for the cost of the elf cat, but because it was sick and required veterinary care, diagnostic testings, and medical treatments. Many people who bought an elf cat on Craig’s list or Kijiji or Facebook incurred huge veterinary bills, and despite loving adopters futile attempts to help their beloved experimental elf kittens, in hopes to save their lives. But, they could not prevent their death. These people have broken hearts and empty bank accounts as they mourn the loss of their hairless cat with curled ears, and their breeder did even seem to care, and did not honor the contract! This is reality for many scammed buyers of elf and sphynx kittens sold by sphynx breeders and elf catteries worldwide! Even more shocking, reports continue to pour in about bad sphynx breeders that continue to breed the parent cats of elf kittens born with hereditary problems and diagnosed with serious diseases including HCM, which is immoral and wrong because more innocent elf and sphynx kittens will continue to be born to suffer with inherited diseases and conditions, painful hereditary physical malformations, or die prematurely. An ethical sphynx breeder would remove the sire and dam of affected elf and sphynx kittens from their breeding program, spay and neuter them, and retire them from breeding, and immediately end their experimental elf breeding program.

Breeding cats merely for looks, to have curled ears like the elf or short legs like the bambino and the dwelf does nothing to improve the sphynx breed. It’s adding a mutation on top of an already mutated breed. Much remains unknown about which health issues or genetic diseases will be prevalent in elf cats.

The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) lists sphynx allowable outcross breeds as American Shorthair, Devon Rex, Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Sphynx Outcross. Sphynx born on or after December 31, 2023, may have only Sphynx parents.

The CFA does not register elf cats, dwelf, or bambinos, and other cat organizations worldwide do not accept or register any of these sphynx hybrid outcrosses at all. For some reason, TICA has an experimental litter registry and documents breeds that are in development, as an experimental record only. The International Cat Association (TICA), Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in North America, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in the UK,the Fédération Internationale Féline (FiFE) in continental Europe, and the World Cat Federation in Germany are other major national and international cat registries do not approve of or recognize and don’t register the experimental elf, experimental dwelf, experimental bambino cat.

The elf cat is in the experimental phase, it is a new hybrid outcross. Do your research before your invest your money and your heart into this hairless cat with curled ears. Instead, buy a purebed sphynx kitten that has a certified pedigree and true registration papers from a reputable, ethical breeder in Canada, USA or Europe who does proper genetic and DNA testings and health testing and upholds the breed standards, will increase your chances to have a healthy hairless cat in your family.


Experimental Elf Kitten Elf Cat Hip Dysplasia Patellar Luxation Luxating Patellas


Sphynx breeders and elf cat catteries advertise and declare that their elf kittens and elf cats are healthy and a robust breed remarkably free of genetic defects, which is completely untrue. The elf cat is a new experimental breed in development, their DNA pool is small, and it is way too early to know which hereditary diseases and inherited issues will consistently show up in sphynx breeder’s experimental elf breeding programs that could cause elf kittens to suffer or die prematurely. HCM or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is widely prevalent in the sphynx breed and also affects elf kittens and elf cats. It is already documented that some elf kittens and elf cats have been diagnosed with HCM and physical malformations and bone deformities they were born with, like bilateral hip dysplasia and luxating patellas, otherwise known as patellar luxation. These are painful conditions that affects the elf kitten’s joints, mobility,  and functioning that involves expensive and invasive orthopedic surgeries to correct it and leads to painful osteoarthritis, a disease that typically affects senior cats.

To the untrained buyer’s eye, at the time of pickup of their elf kitten from their sphynx breeder elf cattery, many people don’t always recognize that something is wrong with cute elf’s physical appearance or behavior. It is only once at home that they realize the elf kitten is not well or once there are growth spurts and the elf cat begins to walk strangely and exhibited abnormal movements and had difficulty to jump and run around, do they go to a veterinarian and find out the grim diagnoses. Their sphynx breeder failed to test the sire and dam’s hips and knees before breeding them, and did not have the kittens in the litter’s hips and knees x-rayed at the time they were spayed or neutered. Before you buy a sphynx or elf kitten, ask the breeder for proof of test results of their hips and knees, as well as the results of the parent cat’s hips and knees, and HCM and other genetic and health test results.

Bad sphynx and elf breeders catteries will breed the king and queen when they are under two years of age. Do not buy an elf or sphynx kitten from a breeder if the parent cats are not over two years old. A reputable sphynx breeder does not breed cats that young, as many health problems can develop during the first two years of their lives. An ethical breeder waits cats are a certain age and proper genetic, DNA and health testings are done, before they choose the best, healthiest ones to breed.

Many sphynx breeders and elf cat catteries do not disclose to buyers interested to purchase an elf kitten for sale, that it is an experimental elf breed that is in the experimental phase only. However, once adopters have their elf kittens at home, many discover that the sphynx breeder sold them a sick and unhealthy elf cat, some with congenital physical malformations or serious medical problems and hereditary diseases. Buyers are quick to report the elf’s health issues and diagnosis to their sphynx breeder, only to be let down and abandoned by them. Bad sphynx breeders do not honor their legal obligation of the health warranty in the signed contract, and leave the distraught and devastated buyers to deal with their sick elf cat on their own, while the breeders continue to breed the same parents of affected kittens! When duped buyers try to report their horrible experiences with a bad breeder and share their elf kitten or elf cat’s serious health problems or deaths in online sphynx-related groups or on social media, are usually bashed by angry sphynx breeders and elf breeder catteries, then swiftly get banned from groups once they speak out! It’s as if certain sphynx and elf breeders and catteries worldwide want to silence outspoken buyers of defective elf kittens and don’t want the truth about fellow sphynx breeders that are producing unhealthy and defective elf cats and their unprofessional behavior to be made public!

After all, breeding elf kittens generates a lot of income for sphynx catteries. Sphynx breeders and elf cat catteries worldwide sell elf kittens and elf cats at a much higher cost than sphynx cats due to them being rare and an oddity. Buyers are eager to have an elf kitten due to their elf-like ears and are willing to spend $2000 USD- $5000 USD+ for an elf kitten or elf cat! Most buyers are uneducated about what an experimental elf really is. Contrary to what sphynx breeders will state, the elf is not a purebred sphynx with elf ears. It is a hybrid cat, an outcross, an experiment, otherwise known as a “guinea pig,” that is, an animal that is used as the subject of an experiment.

Black elf sphynx kitten with hip dysplasia and patellar luxation

Any sphynx breeder who claims that the elf cat has no health issues or genetic problems is not being truthful or is not knowledgeable about this experimental breed in progress.

With so many bad sphynx breeders, back yard or byb sphynx breeders and kitty mills out there, more and more hairless cats are produced with health issues and deformities, or have short lives. Bad breeders destroy cat’s lives and human’s lives.


Sphynx breeders and elf cat catteries advertise their elf kittens and elf cats for sale as Tica registered, but few catteries disclose to buyers what that really means, and failure to do so is considered misrepresentation and unfair and deceptive business practices. 

TICA registration of an elf kitten or elf cat is only in the experimental registry as an experimental new breed in development that does not have an approved breed name. Experimental new breeds are tracked in TICA’s experimental records and have the code EX before the proposed breed prefix.  If you purchase a “Tica Registered Elf,” the elf kitten’s registration papers will list the breed as “Experimental Elf” and will state on it that TICA does not approve or recognize the experimental elf breed and the experimental elf is not eligible for show competitions! Contact TICA, who will validate the breed is experimental elf in experimental registry.

It’s like saying here’s your driver’s license registration, but you are not able to use it to drive! You have a TICA registered elf that is an experimental record only; the elf can not enter show competitions; it is not a purebred sphynx cat; it is a hybrid outcrossing.  You purchased a pet quality experimental elf breed kitten that can not enter competitions. It is not show quality. The price for a pet quality cat is different and much lower than a purebred TICA registered cat that is show quality and eligible for competitions!

When buyer’s pick up their elf kitten from their sphynx breeder, usually, the elf’s TICA registration is not given to them at the time of purchase. Instead, the breeder waits until they have their money in hand, and the buyer has had time at home to get attached to the elf kitten before they spring the TICA experimental elf breed registration papers on them! Otherwise, if buyers knew that it was an experimental elf, would they have still paid that inflated purchase price or even continued with the sale? Most say they would have refused to buy the experimental elf kitten had they known the truth.

The purpose of TICA’s Experimental Record is for tracking the parentage of cats not yet recognized in TICA. Tracking of the experimental elf and other proposed breeds will provide a precise chronicle of the proposed breed’s progress and development. Records will include analysis of any genetic problems inherent in a particular elf breeding program, thus proving or disproving its future acceptance as a viable, healthy breed.

The experimental elf has not been proven to be a healthy breed, and elf kittens with HCM and other diseases, physical malformations and health issues have been reported to TICA and this experimental elf litter registry data is ongoing, so it is unclear if TICA will ever accept the experimental elf as an official breed name, approve of the experimental elf breed or TICA may change, remove or revoke it at any time!

Buyers of elf kittens and elf cats from sphynx breeders need to be fully educated and aware of the health and potential consequences of their purchase. Pet insurance companies do not insure hybrid experimental breeds.

Sphynx breeders that withhold vital information from buyers is considered misrepresenting the kitten, and there are laws in place to protect consumers from unlawful business practices like this. When sphynx breeders advertise a TICA registered elf for sale, consumers expect that it is a registered purebred cat can enter show competitions. Most of the public does not know TICA has an experimental litter registry or what experimental breed means. If your sphynx breeders’s sales contract for your elf cat does not stipulate that it is pet quality only and that registration with TICA is in the experimental registry only and that your elf’s breed will be registered with TICA as experimental elf, you should consult with a lawyer about your rights and if your breeder breached the contract. Furthermore, if your elf cat is sick or diagnosed with any medical issues like HCM or physical malformations like hip dysplasia or luxating patellas, you have by law, what is called defective goods because you purchased a healthy cat. Pets, although sentient beings, by law are considered “goods” and consumer and contractual laws for goods applies to the purchase of your elf, bambino, dwelf, or sphynx cat. If more people take legal action against bad sphynx breeders and elf catteries, it can change their unethical breeding practices and they way they do business. Which in turn, can save more hairless cat’s lives. Sphynx and experimental elf cat’s lives matter!

Black sphynx experimental elf mix breed

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